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The Hollywood Hustle

Not Rich kids. Not housewives. Not Hip Hop & Drama. A docuseries following a couple artist trying to make a name for them selves in Hollywood. 


Soulaire Promo - Season One

Cast Member Soulaire's Vignette

Meet some of the Artist - Season One

Meet some of the supporting Artist from Season One ! 

Episode 1: Young, Fly &  Flashy Trailer 1

On Episode one the cast is shooting Soulaire's 1st music video while deadly wildfires burn hill sides of california

Executive Producer Nicole

The Behind the scenes of Behind the scenes. Executive producer, Show creator  & cast mate , Nicole, shares her struggle as a single-mother  working in a man's profession fighting for respect  and a seat at the table. 

Episode 1: Young, Fly &  Flashy Trailer 2 - Soulaire's Take

A glimpse into the struggles from Soulaire's perspective of trying to shoot his 1st Music video in Thousand Oaks amidst the California wildfires .

Episode 4 Teaser

After Wrapping up  the 'Young, Fly & Flashy' Music video. Soulaire, Nicole & Brandon meet up with the editor before he goes rogue. 

Episode 5 Teaser

With communication coming in slow from the editor, Soulaire prepares for his video release party during LA Fashion week while Brandon gathers funds for the Technical side of things.

Episode 6 Teaser

After securing a crew for Soulaire's Video release event, Brandon runs into some technical issues. Soulaire turns to Nicole to save the day, but  shes just trying to save face...literally.

Episode 7 Teaser

Things get technical at Soulaire's Music video release party, as Nicole & Brandon scramble to get the video playing for the 300+ crowd of people. Britney tries to make it on time from the other side of town.

Episode 8 Teaser

We've all heard the stereotype about people in L.A. Ever wondered what its like to date one of them? We  got up close and personal with some single, sexy artist dating in the city.

Episode 11 Teaser

Nicole heads to The Chinese Theater in Hollywood for a film festival for a film she co-produced, before meeting up with two of her actors, Opel and Steven, to shoot a final scene in her feature film production

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